Windfall Valentines in August Show 2013

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Red Bricks and Roses Parade - Oxford, OH

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Dandy's Escapades

Dandy and his carriage buddy were all set to pull the carriage around ...

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includes many from the Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade

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Digital Art

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Balluminaria - Hot Air Balloons

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Birds - Hummingbirds

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Birds - Medium to Large

Updated: Nov 30, 2012 6:46am EDT

Birds - Great Blue Herons

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Birds - Small Birds

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Domestic Animals

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Contests and Shows

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Wildlife and Nature Photos

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My Personal Favorite

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Portraits and People

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My Smug Mug

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Photos with Poems

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Rolex Kentucky 2012

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New Photos for Sale

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People Portraits

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Your Bio

My parents influenced us through hard work, creativity, strong Christian values, and a love of nature and animals. They encouraged us to use all of our gifts.

Now that my creative side has been unleashed, the results can be found in my photography and writing.

You'll find me in photography contests, a drawing or painting or two (although I'll acknowlege the title of artist belongs to my extremely talented brother) and soon you'll see more writing. I've started with my kids' books under the author name "Aunt JenJen Gandert" and hope to finish my novel within the next few years.

For the illustrations used in my first book, "Willa Gorilla" I edited photographs I'd taken to give them varying degrees of a watercolor appearance. Willa Gorilla was written from my point of view, but will soon be re-written from Willa's point of view.

Willa Gorilla - the original version

Rays From Heaven - a collection of some of my early photography

Gandert Graphics - this web site will expire in late 2014

GandertGallery - one of my new web sites

JAGgalleries - my main web site - under construction
aka Jenny Gandert's "Rays From Heaven"